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Glaxgesic – Cream 7 Oz (200 G)



Quantity Price
1-2 $20
3-10 $19
11+ $18

GLAXGESIC (Brand name).  Glaxgesic drug is a combination of naturally occurring agents.  It is a topical analgesic and arthritis pain reliever.  Glaxgesic contains two active ingredients isolated from plants – Menthol (found in mint) and Isothiocyanate (found in cruciferous vegetables).  Menthol exerts its anti-inflammatory activity by increasing the mRNA expression and the production of IL-10, as well as decreasing the levels of inflammatory cytokines and myeloperoxidase activity. Isothiocyanate acts as an anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying agent.  

USES of GLAXGESIC. Topical applications in the form of Gel, Cream, Patches, Roll-On, and Spray bottles.  


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